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Patent Pending Author Customer Character Interactive Chat System (ACCIC)

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Author Customer Character Interactive Chat System

(You must be 18 to interact with the characters)


The ACCIC system is a new Patent Pending Book Publication Advertising System utilizing an interactive LIVE CHAT in which the author takes on the personification of the author’s character to promote the published books and other literary works. The author or characters may also use a fingerprint impression to authenticate signature copies of literary work for the reader.


ACCIC may also be used as an audio visual advertising venue. Author Customer Character Replacement allows the reader to pick out any character (even a minor character in passing) in the book and personally engage with that character and request a signature or personalized copy of a book from the represented character or author. A reader may identify a character in the book by page number, chapter or description, at which time the author can engage the reader from the view point of the character with the goal of generating interest in the characters and storyline of the authors work.






Some of the conversations in an ACCIC session may terribly SPOIL the endings or give away important plot points for readers who intend to read the book so please refrain from talking about the ending and try to focus your conversations on the lives, personalities, likes, dislikes, and origins of the characters. Because Luke 11:24 is a debut book, the characters have been instructed to use discretion in answering some of your questions. As the weeks go by, they will be more open about specific plot points and the ending in the book; however you will still find them open and anxious to communicate with fans and readers of the real world.

Characters are scheduled to appear on this website at anytime of the day or night. In order to find out the times or to see which character(s) are currently online, simply friend or follow me on twitter or on my new Facebook fan page by clicking the widgets posted on the website. The name of the character, current status, and projected time of the interactive discussion will be posted at the top of the page as a STATUS. The status will read - LUKE1124JONATHAN “In session,” www.freddyhowardbooks.com  or LUKE1124BOBO @ 8pm Pacific.

1923- June 6, 1960


Jonathan Luke Florentino has been on San Quentin’s Death Row since 1955.  In a two year period from 1955 -1957, Jonathan killed at least 97 people. He is scheduled to die by electrocution on June 6th 1960.


The execution will be presided over by the Governor of the State of California. Warden Theodore Zachary Gates, by self appointment, is expected to perform the honors. Dr. Charles Unsworth, the Chief Prison Psychiatrist, will oversee the details of the execution.


It is the professional opinion of Dr. Unsworth that Jonathan suffers from no natural psychological deviation (as we understand it). Jonathan Florentino stands over 6’6" tall and weighs 270 pounds.


As listed in his military records, Jonathan is an absolute specimen of physical perfection. He is also a Medal of Honor winner, and the recipient of three Silver Stars for gallantry in the line of duty. This means nothing to Jonathan. It was only a time in his life where he could openly kill. Nothing more and nothing less.


Concerning the condemned, in his final official progress report to the board, Dr. Unsworth wrote, “It is my professional, and not my personal opinion, that if all to include his memory were erased and buried beneath the earth.”


The doctor also hypothesized that Jonathan Luke Florentino was born without the portion of his brain which recognizes fear or that it is genetically evolved into a biological state which is receptive to sheer, primordial intelligence and controlled hyper- vigilant awareness.


This action is exemplified in Part - 3 in the Prologue of the book which occurred on September 18th 1944 during the Battle for Peleliu in the Pacific Island Campaigns.


Dr. Unsworth has also challenged traditional medically accepted doctrine, asserting that in the case of Jonathan Florentino, there may perhaps be a paranormal or even a spiritual connection between him and his son; a good, boy who only desires to become a man of God. A priest.


Jonathan Florentino is an animal doctor by profession. He is highly deceptive. Although he may appear kind and compliment you, it would be wise not to communicate with him-- at all. But you are the adult, and therefore that decision is yours.


In closing, I would also severely caution the reader against stepping over the yellow--



It was painted on the floor in 1958 after the unfortunate incident with that guard. Yes. HE WILL KILL YOU and not even think yesterday about it…


Good luck


Freddy Howard

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