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I have already written the screenplay version of Luke 11:24 (somewhat of a shooting / spec script combination) and it pretty much follows my novel. It was a good experience to write while balancing the personal challenge of properly representing my characters’ personifications from a less restrictive, free-flowing book format to a more restrictive directional screen format. I actually found it pretty easy and completed the screenplay in about three months. I am sort of a visual person so all I had to do was picture the scenes and cut the fat out (or excess imagination, LOL).


I feel as though each of my characters’ personalities were equally reflected in both book and screenplay format and I look forward to one day placing it in the hands of industry professionals who may be interested in getting it made into a feature length film.


In the meantime, my short term goal is to shoot a 15-30 minute short film with an up and coming director and perhaps some up and coming actors and place it on my site and on Youtube to generate some interest.  If you are familiar with someone who might have an interest (including anyone on the magical wish list, of course) in the film version have them contact me. You know how to reach me.


Below are some free photos of talented actors and actress who I can envision (or likely have envisioned) as I wrote.  Read my book and share your thoughts and opinions with me and friends on my social websites and my BLOG.  I want to hear from you!!


And my characters also look forward to chatting with you on my site!




I look forward to bringing you my next book in 2013, Lesbian Angel (My domestic Partner).  It won’t be for the lighthearted, I promise.





1) Mel Gibson (The Passion of the Christ)

2) Jonathan Demme (The Silence of the Lambs)

3) Quentin Tarantino (Will bring a unique perspective

on the film)

4) Frank Darabont (The Green Mile)

4) Adrian Lyne (Fatal Attraction)

5) Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight)

6) Francis Ford Coppola (Dracula)

7) Steven Spielberg (Schindler’s List)

8) Martin Scorsese (The Departed)

9) Oliver Stone (Natural Born Killers)

10) Ron Howard (Angels and Demons)






1) *** Michael Clark Duncan (6’5 300 / Green Mile) *** R.I.P.

2) Dwayne Johnson (The Rock   6’5 260)

3) Tyler Perry (6’5 240 / Duel Characters / Jesse


4) Shaquille O’ Neal (7’ 325)

5) Forrest Whitaker (6’2)

6) Booker T.  (6’3 253 WWF)



Jonathan Florentino

1) Alexander Skarsgard (6’4 230)

2) Joe Manganiello (6’5 240 True Blood)

3) Brad Pitt (6’0 Kalifornia)

4) Henry Cavill (6’ 1 Man of Steel)

5) *** Tom Cruise ***  (Although not the same physical height and proportions of this character, in terms of acting personification, Mr. Cruise precisely identifies and  mimics the envisioned  personality traits and  characterization of  how Jonathan Florentino’s Character is written into the novel and screenplay. LUKE 11:24. This is well observed in his vampire characterization of Lestat de Lioncourt in the 1994 film, INTERVEW WITH THE VAMPIRE.

In this case, the characterization of Jonathan Florentino’s height and weight, would be readily adjusted to accommodate a platform for Tom Cruise)

6) Justin Lopez (6’4 270 / Balls of Furry)



Professional Wrestlers

1) Randy Orton (6’4  235)

2) Adam Joseph Copeland  (6’5 250)

3) John Cena (6’0  251)

4) Chis Jericho (6’0  230)

5) Cody Rhodes (6’2  215)



Jesse Wright

1) Tyler Perry (Duel Characters / BOBO)

 2) Jaime Fox

 3) James Todd Smith (L.L. Cool Jay)

 4) Will Smith

 5) Tyrese Gibson

 6) Denzel Washington

 7) Terry Crews

 8) Ving Rhames

 9) Terrence Howard

10) Cuba Gooding Jr.

11) Blair Underwood

12) Lonnie Rashid Lynn (Common)

13) Anthony Mackie

14) Malik Yoba

15) Harry Lennix (Man of Steel)



Father Florentino

 1) Tyler Perry (Duel Characters / BOBO)

 2) Jaime Fox

 3) James Todd Smith (L.L. Cool Jay)

 4) Will Smith

 5) Tyrese Gibson

 6) Denzel Washington

 7) Terry Crews

 8) Ving Rhames

 9) Terrence Howard

10) Cuba Gooding Jr.

11) Blair Underwood

12) Lonnie Rashid Lynn (Common)

13) Anthony Mackie

14) Malik Yoba

15) Harry Lennix (Man of Steel)


Father Florentino

 1) Brad Pitt

 2) Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ)

 3) Hugh Jackman

 4) Henry Cavill (6’1 Man of Steel)

 5) Daniel Craig

 6) Mathew McConaughy

 7) Joe Manganiello (6’5 240 True Blood)

 8) Alexander Skarsgard (6’4 230)

 9) George Clooney

10) Ryan Reynolds

11) Matt Damon

12) Colin Farrell

13) Ben Affleck

14) Gerald Butler

15) Jeffery Donovan

16) Ryan Gosling

17) Ashton Kutcher

18) Patrick Dempsey

19) Channing Tatum

20) Dylan Mcdermott (Olympus Has Fallen)

21) Aaron Eckhart

22) Chris Evans

23) Julian Mcmahon (Fantastic Four)

24) Bradley Cooper

25) Hayden Christensen

26) Alex Pettyfer

27) Timothy Olyphant

28) Jake Gyllenhaal

29) Johnny Depp

30) Robert Downey Jr.

31) Shia Lebeouf

32) Christian Bale

33) Leonardo Dicaprio

34) Chris Helmsworth

35) James Franco

36) David Boreanaz

37) Aaron Eckhart (Olympus Has Fallen/ The Dark Knight)



Jack Dunn

 1) Jeremy Renner

 2) Brad Pitt

 3) Robert Downey Jr.

 4) Colin Farrell

 5) Tom Cruise

 6) Keifer Southerland

 7) Johnny Depp

 8) Daniel Craig

 9) Bill Paxton

10) Bruce Willis

11) Dennis Leary

12) James Franco

13) Ed Norton

14) Liam Neeson

15) Mickey Rourke

16) Tim Robbins

17) Alec Baldwin

18) Vince Vaughn

19) Sean Penn

20) Sean Bean

21) Dylan McDermott (Olympus Has Fallen)



Sonya Wright

 1) Halle Berry

 2) Paula Patton (Ghost Protocol)

 3) Kenya More (I know who killed me)

 4) Jada Pinkett Smith

 5) Zoe Saldana

 6) Salli Richardson (I am legend)

 7) Faune A. Chambers (Benjamin Button)

 8) Robinne Lee (Deliver Us from Eva)

 9) Beyonce Knowles

10) Stacey Dash

11) Meagan Good (Think Like A Man)

12) Regina Hall

13) Nicole Scherzinger

14) Joy Bryant

15) Alicia Keys



Diane Florentino

 1) Angelina Jolie

 2) Sandra Bullock

 3) Jennifer Aniston

 4) Kate Beckinsale

 5) Demi Moore

 6) Milla Jovovich

 7) Alyssa Milano

 8) Gwyneth Paltrow

 9) Scarlett Johansson

10) Natalie Portman (Star Wars)

11) Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser)

12) Charlize Theron

13) Michelle Monaghan

14) Booklyn Decker

15) Jennifer Connelly

16) Megan Fox

17) Anne Hathaway

18) Cameron Diaz

19) Jennifer Garner

20) Carrie-Ann Moss

21) Jessica Alba

22) Maria Bello

23) Blake Lively

24) Eva Mendez

25) Gabrielle Anwar

26) Julie Benz

27) Tricia Helfer

28) Amanda Seyfried

29) Rosie Huntington-Whitley

30) Kristanna Loken (Terminator)

31) Penelope Cruz

32) Liv Taylor

33) Lindsay Lohan

34) Chrisitna Applegate

35) Olivia Wilde

36) Antje Traue (Man of Steel)

37) Mila Kunis



Russian Gypsy Girl

1) Scarlett Johansson

2) Dakota Fanning

3) Miey Cirus



Florence Dunn

1) Cate Blanchett

2) Shannon Tweed


Bishop Conwell

1) Ben Kingsley

2) Gene Hackman

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